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                  million trees

                  native forests

                  million tonnes of
                  carbon offsets

                  What we do

                  We connect people with real climate action. Greenfleet's mission is to protect our climate by restoring our forests.

                  As an environmental non-profit, Greenfleet is the trusted carbon offset provider for thousands of leading organisations, businesses, councils, universities and individuals around Australia and New Zealand. Since 1997, we have planted more than 9.2 million native trees to restore forests and offset carbon emissions on behalf of our supporters.

                  As they grow, our native forests capture carbon pollution from the atmosphere, provide vital habitat to native wildlife, conserve biodiversity and generate resilience to climate change in the landscape.

                  Latest News

                  Club Palazzo

                  There is a lot that goes into growing a Greenfleet forest. We thought we'd give you a behind-the-scenes look at the process that allows us to take practical climate action year after year. Learn how we plant trees, how we monitor them and how we make sure they can continue growing into the future.  


                  15 Apr 2019

                  Give me a home among the gum trees…

                  The iconic Eucalyptus trees are definitely a treasure in Australia. They've been around for millions of years and are a unique part of the Australian landscape. We explore what makes them so special, and why these trees are some of our favourites. 


                  14 Apr 2019

                  It's more than 'just' planting trees - a forest update

                  10 years ago, 8,000 native trees were planted on this Victorian property. Today, it's providing vital food and habitat for the region's native wildlife. Find out more about this spectacular reforestation project.


                  11 Apr 2019

                  Offset your Hybrid and Electric Vehicles with Greenfleet

                  Around the world, the growing availability of electric vehicles (EVs) is leading to exciting changes for fleet management and is impacting the individual consumer market. As a result of our close work with fleet managers, Greenfleet has been developing the option of a carbon offset for hybrid and electric vehicles. 


                  9 Apr 2019


                  Our Supporters